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EOSC-Nordic support for research on COVID-19

The EOSC-Nordic recognises the emergency of the current pandemic and is willing to support any scientific and infrastructure activities in response to the COVID-19.

A fully established and functional European Open Science Cloud providing a fast and seamless access to vast computational and storage resources, analytical platforms as well as support for performing the excellent research, would be the ideal setting to run any research, including research related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a constantly evolving environment, the EOSC can also offer agile mechanisms to adapt existing infrastructure to needs posed by the emergency of an on-going pandemic.

The high-level vision of the EOSC-Nordic is to facilitate the establishment of the EOSC in the Nordic region. The goal is to foster cross borders research by demonstrating solutions designed in collaboration between service providers and end-user communities. Some of the on-going demonstrators include:

  • Adapt generic portal to community-specific workflows able to run across borders and horizontally within communities, to ensure reproducibility of the results and open access to the data. Portals are based on the Galaxy platform or Jupiter Hub/Notebook environments.
  • Enable research on sensitive data by allowing mechanisms for federating computing without moving data away from the custodians or supporting secure and trustworthy mechanisms to allow cross border sharing of sensitive data. The demonstrators are inspired by use cases focused on personalised cardiology and rare child diseases research.

The EOSC-Nordic is ready to support you and your research on COVID-19 to the highest and widest possible way. The support can include: 

  • Assistance in project proposal definition in response to funding opportunities that have emerged and will emerge to support the research on COVID-19. This includes support letters, partnership, support in designing solutions in alignment with the EOSC vision 
  • Adoption of new use cases related to COVID-19 research as an integral part of the already on-going activities. This includes for example deployment of Galaxy portals to allow cross-border genomic analysis and sharing of workflows 
  • Uptake of national computing and storage resources for statistical, genomics, economical, medical data for COVID-19 research by facilitating and supporting the communication with national service providers in the Nordic region. 

This site will also offer you a constant overview of on-going activities and possible funding opportunities in the COVID-19 research. For questions and request for support, do hot hesitate to contact us: EOSC-Nordic Project Office: email 

On-going Activities

COVID-19 Portal The COVID-19 Portal will enable researchers to upload, access and analyse COVID-19 related reference data and specialist datasets.

In the first instance, as the COVID-19 Portal is being built, all COVID-19 data stored at EMBL-EBI is being aggregated into a dedicated page on the Pathogen Portal. EMBL-EBI expects that during April 2020, the first version of the COVID-19 Portal will go live. Watch this page for updates.

H2020 Guidelines for open access to publications, data, and other COVID-19 research outputs Guidelines developed for ongoing H2020 projects doing research related to COVID19. It has also a call for research infrastructure projects, developing and/or providing access services to relevant research tools and resources, to provide priority and customised access to their services for research on COVID-19. Link coming soon.

Funding Opportunities

EOSC Secretariat funding fast track The EOSC Secretariat responds to the COVID-19 emergency by introducing funding opportunities that will be fast-tracked at this challenging time for us all, please click here to apply for funding opportunities.