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Demonstrating EOSC-Nordic

Currently there are 10 use cases in the EOSC-Nordic project. All different and from 5 different fields. Learn more about the use cases and what they are demonstrating.

Photo: Media department – Moesgaard Museum


EOSC-Nordic support for research on COVID-19

EOSC-Nordic recognises the emergency of the current pandemic and is willing to support any scientific and infrastructure activities in response to the COVID-19.

Read more on how EOSC-Nordic can support your work and research!

In focus

FAIR Maturity Evaluation of Nordic and Baltic data repositories

Read how EOSC-Nordic is measuring the FAIRness of shared research data to improve the discoverability and reuse of that data for a more efficient research process.

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Open consultation on the priorities of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda to begin 20th July

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Insights from the National Initiatives survey

During the autumn of 2019 and the spring of 2020, the EOSC-Nordic project, along with…

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WP 5 wants to improve the entire data management process

Have you ever played the game 20 questions? Someone thinks of an object such as…



Call for European FAIR Champions

FAIRsFAIR Champions are experts and ‘doers’, from all scientific communities, in existing and related FAIR…

Blog posts


Well on our way with the FAIRification process

It is June 2020, and the first nine months of the EOSC-Nordic project is behind…



EOSC-Nordic at the RDA machine-actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs) hackathon

At the end of May, EOSC-Nordic members Hanne Moa (UNINETT, Norway), Joakim Philipson (Univ of…



EOSC-Nordic to present at BCC2020

EOSC-Nordic’s Anne Fouilloux is going to give a talk titled “EOSC-Nordic Climate Science Workbench roadmap”…

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