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Insights to collaboration and developments of EOSC regional projects presented at the EOSC Symposium


EOSC Symposium, the main annual EOSC event, was successfully held in Prague, Czech Republic 14-17 November 2022. The event was organised by EOSC Future, in collaboration with the European Commission, the EOSC Association, and the EOSC Steering Board. It gathered hundreds of EOSC stakeholders under one roof to present and discuss valuable progress, results, as well as future plans and developments within over 60 sessions. On Thursday, 17 November, 11:00-12:30 CET, EOSC Future, NI4OS, EOSC Nordic, EOSC Pillar, EOSC Synergy, and IDE@S organized a joint session, “EOSC Engagement at Regional Level.” The session consisted of presentations by each of the projects followed by Q&A and a panel discussion chaired by Sarah Jones, GEANT, EOSC Association Board of Directors.

During the session, the projects outlined the main achievements and regional structures that have been put in place (MoUs, infrastructures, etc.) to enable EOSC buy-in and highlight success stories. Projects discussed the current topics, challenges, and issues concerning the EOSC engagement at the regional level. Intra-national pilots for EOSC implementation were also discussed as another approach. As the main takeaway of the session is an understanding of the sustainability of such regional networks and what elements of EOSC will be engaged with in the future. The session provided a deeper understanding of how future regional networks can continue.

Lene Krøl Andersen from EOSC Nordic presented the impact and results of the Nordic-Baltic regional approach towards a united and operational EOSC. Dr. Ilias Papastamatiou from NI4OS-Europe and EOSC-Future gave an overview of the engagement in the Western Balkans. Rob Carrillo from EOSC Pillar and Helen Clare from EOSC Synergy highlighted the EOSC Pillar and the EOSC Synergy developments in Central and Western Europe. Miguel Rey Mazón from TU Graz presented a use case on how an EOSC-like structure in Styria, Austria, had been developed.

The recording of the session will be published by EOSC Future in the next weeks. However, you may already find the Plenary sessions recorded on EOSC Future’s event website.
Check out the slides of the session by following this hyperlink to the EOSC Symposium agenda.
Read more about the event on the EOSC Portal website.