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In order to achieve the continual interactions between different parts of the project, the main project tasks have been aggregated into six work packages.

WP1: Project Coordination and Management (NeIC)

WP1 will cover the administrative and financial management of the project. This work package will also be responsible for the management of quality and risk aspects, as well as for liaising with the EC Supporting all activities. This WP provides overall co-ordination for EOSC-Nordic and will manage project reporting through a management team located at NeIC/DeiC. The management team has experience in coordinating large-scale international projects and will receive financial and administrative management support from the project management office.

WP2: Policies, legal issues and sustainability (CSC)

WP2 will steer the consolidation of EOSC by harmonising policies, investigating, and helping remove any legal issues, and facilitating the discussion around EOSC’s future in the Nordic and Baltic countries. All this in collaboration with national policymakers and funders. It will foster the coordination of and connection between the national initiatives at policy level, in the context of EOSC. It will address open science policies and the delivery of horizontal services and access to related resources in a cross-border environment, the legal aspects associated with the sharing of resources, and the sustainability of the coordination. WP2 is fundamentally policy-oriented and its main external stakeholders are national policy-makers and funders which will be engaged through dedicated workshops, leveraging the national connections of the partners.

WP3: Support to EOSC-Nordic service providers (UT/ETAIS)

WP3 will support the concrete integration and interoperability of prospective EOSC service providers from the Nordic and Baltic countries with EOSC service management framework and operational environment. It will identify candidate services to integrate into the EOSC portal and engage with service providers through workshops to help them integrate with EOSC core components and foster the harmonisation of processes and procedures across service providers. It will also go beyond aligning processes and practices by piloting innovative tools and solutions to effectively enable services to interoperate between them and with the EOSC system. Thereby it will foster the development of a coherent environment, in which services can work together, within and across organisations or domains.

WP4: FAIR data (NeIC)

WP4 will engage with Nordic-Baltic repositories, help them become FAIR compliant/certified, and promote incentives for the uptake of FAIR data across the region. WP4 will work in close collaboration with FAIRsFAIR and GO-FAIR to promote best practices and support the adoption of relevant certification schemas. Activities will be conducted through workshops and hackathons.

WP5: Open Research data and services – demonstrators (SIGMA2)

WP5 will demonstrate the potential of EOSC by piloting innovative solutions, designed to support cross-border research collaboration, using the Nordic and Baltic countries as a testbed environment. The solutions which will be tested and validated by research communities leverage existing services (from national e-infrastructures and/or research communities as well as core EOSC services) and are suitable by-design to spin-off on a cross-border environment such as EOSC. The solutions will be piloted at the Nordic level before being made available in the EOSC environment.

WP6: Engagement, communication and competence building (CSC)

WP6 will capture project results, support the definition of the best IP protection approach, and maintain the dissemination and exploitation plan, as well as ensure the alignment of the key stakeholders. WP6 will organise project events to disseminate the results of the project and engage with stakeholders. Furthermore, WP6 will establish a Knowledge Hub to foster competence building and knowledge sharing among stakeholders and relevant professional environments.

Work Package leaders

WP1 Lene Krøl Andersen DeiC
WP2 Sara Garavelli CSC
WP3 Ilja Livenson University of Tartu
WP4 Mari Kleemola Tampere University
WP5 Adil Hasan
WP6 Minna Lappalainen CSC


EOSC-Nordic organisational diagram