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D3.4 Programmatic access and resource provisioning of services

This deliverable is written during a transitional period of EOSC, before the EOSC Future is launched and EOSC Association becomes functional. Both are major factors to further evolve the EOSC ecosystem both at the governance and technical level. Due to the EOSC Rules of Participation still being developed, this report builds upon best practice and knowledge gained within the EOSC-Nordic project collaboration. The reader should therefore be aware that some of the approaches taken might become obsolete or incorrect, once the future EOSC Rules of Participation are adapted. The team behind this deliverable will allow for continuous adaptations of operational actions in accordance with the guidelines set out by the EOSC Association. The EOSC-Nordic team plans to summarise the end result in the next iteration of the deliverable during the year 2022.

It should be highlighted that the current state of affairs with respect to EOSC Sustainability is a significant blocker for the adoption of the programmatic access method, as it typically incurs process change or investments by the service providers. A lack of clarity on mechanisms of EOSC resource usage compensation demotivates service providers to do so. We see clarity on EOSC Sustainability is critical for the success of both EOSC as well as regional EOSC integrators (alias pre-boarding platforms) for programmatic access to EOSC services.

The deliverable is available on Zenodo.