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D4.3 Report on Nordic and Baltic repositories and their uptake of FAIR

The EOSC-Nordic project has pledged to implement FAIR in the Nordic and Baltic regions and aims to encourage, support, and assist the research community to FAIRify their data. This will be achieved by communicating the benefits of going FAIR to a broad scientific community. The project has selected a hundred repositories and evaluated them consistently according to their FAIR maturity.

This deliverable describes the continued assessment of FAIR maturity for Nordic and Baltic scientific digital repositories. The text highlights the results of the FAIR assessment exercise using the F-UJI tool; however, in contrast to the previous deliverable (D4.1), the focus is in this deliverable on raising FAIR awareness by engaging the community rather than focusing on the numeric results of the assessment and changes seen over time.

The deliverable first sets out the background and methodology of the FAIR assessment study, including a notion of the change of assessment tools. This is followed by a section on the results of the FAIR assessments and the community outreach activities made within the project in an attempt to raise further awareness of FAIR among data repository representatives. Lastly, the document raises attention to the ongoing discussions around contemporary FAIR assessments within the EOSC.

Read the deliverable on Zenodo