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D4.5 Report on completed FAIR data standard adoption and certifications of data repositories in the region

The EOSC-Nordic project has pledged to implement FAIR in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The tasks of EOSC-Nordic Work Package 4 were, in particular, “support for the introduction of FAIR information standards” and “support for the introduction of the FAIR certification system.” This report summarises the efforts of the WP4 task team to support selected communities in adopting a FAIR data standard. It also summarises the support process, visits the feedback gathered from the communities, and discusses lessons learned from communities that agreed to undertake a FAIRification effort or CoreTrustSeal certification self-assessment of their respective data repository.

The deliverable relies on other WP4 deliverables, which in detail describe how the supported repositories were selected and in which way FAIR maturity has been evaluated in detail. It first reports on the awareness-raising and support activities done by the task team 2020-2022 and finishes with feedback from the community and lessons learned. In the discussion section, the deliverable considers the sufficient levels of FAIR maturity, the applicability of certification, and the need for support and networks in the future.

Read the deliverable on Zenodo.