Community is for peer learning, competence sharing, and exchanging experiences. The competence map shows the contact points for specific competencies. Here you can also find upcoming community events. EOSC-Nordic is not only advancing the coordination of EOSC relevant initiatives in the Nordic and Baltic countries but is also collaborating with other EOSC-related Horizon2020 projects. We are active in several Tasks Forces together with the other EOSC regional and thematic projects under the INFRAEOSC-05-2018-2019 call; you can read more about the different projects below.

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The virtual competence map aims to involve a distributed network of experts and service operators at local and national levels.
The objective is to visualize persons, skills, fields of skills/knowledge, interests, services, projects, and their interconnections on a map. This map can be used for reporting and communicating the reach of services and connecting persons who advertise specific skills and interests with persons and projects looking for particular skills and interests. The draft outline of the virtual competence map is shown below. EOSC-Nordic will feed information about organizations and/or people in the coming months.

Competence map

Competence map shows the contact points for specific competencies

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