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Call for European FAIR Champions


FAIRsFAIR Champions are experts and ‘doers’, from all scientific communities, in existing and related FAIR projects selected based on their individual merits and knowledge, who will share FAIR implementation stories, enhance synergy, and cross-fertilize with other projects and communities to maximize the impact of FAIRsFAIR. The call is open until 31 August 2020.

FAIRsFAIR EGFC has 5 members that are called to actively contribute to the FAIRsFAIR work plan as a FAIR ambassador across different sectors in Europe. By becoming a FAIRsFAIR Champion, the selected candidates will:

  • Contribute valuable content in any physical meetings, workshops or events organized also via video interviews, blog posts and commentaries (commentary example)
  • Join the FAIRsFAIR Synchronization Force Workshops
  • Contribute to the White Paper and project reports that will feed into the EOSC Executive Board Working Group on FAIR.
  • be part of a highly visible group of experts and inspired influencers, actively engaged in the common effort of analysing and shaping FAIR data policies and practices and identifying technology gaps and emerging user needs
  • be a driver of competences and capacity in FAIR data principles uptake, ensuring a multi-stakeholder and cross-domain approach
  • be part of shaping the development and implementation of standards for data management in your discipline
  • bring in your use cases of FAIR data management to find solutions customized to your (community) needs
  • host a FAIRsFAIR workshop at your institute’s premises
  • have the opportunity to include your need/challenge/requirement in reports submitted to the EOSC Governing boards
  • support and financial coverage provided by FAIRsFAIR for any travel and subsistence involved.

What would be expected from an EGFC member?

Champions are expected to contribute to the FAIRsFAIR Reports that will feed and fuel the EOSC Executive Board Working Group on FAIR. You will also be actively engaged during the Landscape Analysis activity and asked to fill in the surveys set-up for this purpose. The content produced by the EGFC through the outreach channels (i.e. webinars, workshops) will support the White Paper report(s) to be produced by the FAIRsFAIR Synchronization Force that will also feed into the EOSC working groups.

Apply for an EGFC member here