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Deliverable Communication and Outreach Strategy Report published


The deliverable D6.3 Communication and Outreach Strategy Report offers a mid-term overview of the project’s outreach and impact. It also defines the revised roadmap for M19-M36 according to activities, time plans, and outputs of the other WPs, to ensure timely delivery and release of communications.

The first period has focused on raising awareness of EOSC-Nordic by creating a communication strategy and tools, and activities for different stakeholders. Like many other Horizon 2020 projects, EOSC-Nordic’s communication activities were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, particularly in terms of events.

A beta version of the Knowledge Hub was established ahead of time in 09/2020 to work on competence building and knowledge sharing among stakeholders and relevant professional environments.

The focus for the next period is to contribute actively to the increased adoption of EOSC-Nordic by supporting new service providers and communities willing to engage with EOSC to make use of tools, guidance, and services during and after the project lifetime.

Read the deliverable on our Knowledge Hub