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EOSC-Nordic at the EOSC-hub week 2020


The online edition of EOSC-hub week 2020 gathered an impressive number of participants, more than 800 persons dialed in over the three-day event. The EOSC-Nordic project took an active part in the week’s program and was involved in co-organizing a workshop, delivering presentations, and authoring a position paper.

Workshop: National Policy Developments Supporting EOSC Implementation

On Wednesday, May 20th, EOSC-Nordic co-organised a policy workshop National Policy Developments Supporting EOSC Implementation with other regional projects EOSC-Pillar, NI4OS-Europe, and EOSC Synergy. The workshop raised a lot of interest, and was one of the most popular sessions, with approximately 130 people following the discussion online.

During the first part of the workshop, regional projects presented highlights from their surveys on the open science policy landscape. EOSC-Nordic showed the highlights from the results of 106 responses gathered from eight Nordic and Baltic countries. The survey was targeted mainly at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Research Infrastructures (RIs), e-Infrastructures, and funders. The results showed that 80% of respondents are familiar with FAIR principles, and 50% with EOSC. The results show that almost all funding bodies have rules on open access policies, and eight have rules on open research data. Also, half of HEIs, RIs, and e-infrastructures have open access policies, and/or open research data policy.

In the second part, the audience was asked about their views on open science indicators and their follow-up. The majority of the audience thought that the responsibility of following up the indicators should be done on a national level. The audience was more divided in the questions relating to actual indicators and which indicators to use. However, the indicators were seen as a useful way to monitor the progress of EOSC in each Member State.

The presentations and the recording for this workshop are online here.

Presentations on aligning e-infrastructure services and work on simplification of service integrations
EOSC-Nordics’s Ilja Livenson gave two presentations during the hub days: One, at the session “Issues in Cross-Border Consumption of Resources in EOSC,” titled “Practical alignment of e-Infrastructure services in a cross-border setup.” The presentation focused on EOSC-Nordic’s work on improving the semantic and organizational interoperability of services from the Nordic and Baltic regions. The second one was given at “Innovation from the EOSC regional projects” session, where he presented EOSC-Nordic’s on-going work on the analysis of simplification of service integrations with EOSC, as well as work on more automated impact reporting for service providers. View the second presentation First steps in adopting PIDs for services in EOSC-Nordic.

Position papers – Insights from Regional Projects & Infrastructures
To collaborate on the development of a common strategy to synchronize activities with the EOSC working groups EOSC-Nordic, together with the thematic and regional (INFRAEOSC 5b) projects authored position papers which were published by EOSC secretariat. These papers outline what each project expects from the future EOSC, how they contribute to EOSC, and what recommendations and key messages they share. Read the Position papers – Insights from Regional Projects & Infrastructures here.