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Metadata for Machines workshop (M4M) is another great success


EOSC-Nordic WP4 and WP5 jointly organized the METADATA for MACHINES (M4M) workshop number 19, on December 7 – 8. This M4M workshop was yet another practical webinar organized by EOSC-Nordic; this time concentrated on creating vocabularies and metadata for communities.

The workshop was organized by Erik Schultes and Barbara Magagna with the help of Nikola Vasiljevich and included ten active, knowledgeable, and motivated NICEST 2 Climate Community participants.

Workshop content

M4M.19 trained the NICEST 2 community to create community-specific controlled vocabularies to use as input for improved metadata creation. Exercises demonstrated how to upload vocabularies via the Sheet2RDF tool in Ontostack and BioPortal, then create CEDAR templates using CEDAR workbench and create Metadata-instances in JSON-LD, following DCAT (3 levels: Catalog – Dataset – Distribution). Following this process on (meta) datasets will significantly improve the machine-actionable metadata, increasing interoperability within and outside of the community. By following this process, communities can increase the FAIRness of their datasets.

Event materials

Workshop materials, including recordings, can be accessed via this google docs link below.
(In the top rectangular block, you will find all the links to the slides, tooling, evaluations, and recordings. Please note recordings will be stored for a limited time only, until 15 January 2022)

For more information on M4M’s in general, please visit the website of the GO FAIR FOUNDATION.

or contact Bert Meerman from EOSC-Nordic WP4 and WP5 at