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The EOSC Association has put a Governance in place

Cecilie Maagaard Winther

Right before the Christmas Holidays on the 17th of December 2020 the EOSC Association held its very first General Assembly.

At the meeting the four founding organizations, CESAER, CSIC, GARR and GÉANT, welcomed and officially admitted 142 new members. A president for the EOSC Association and 8 directors were also chosen. The president will be Karel Luyben from CESAER, who has previously been Chair of the EOSC Executive Board.

A Nordic representative

Among the 8 Board of Directors, one director from the Nordics was elected; Library Director Wilhelm Widmark from Stockholm University. Wilhelm Widmark has therefore been invited to join the upcoming Executive Board meeting in EOSC-Nordic which will be held on the 3rd of February. Representatives from EOSC-Nordic also congratulated the newly established Governance Board of the EOSC Association and we all look forward to the collaborations ahead.

There is a total of 15 Nordic members, including several partners from EOSC-Nordic, in the EOSC Association.

The EOSC Association is right now in a process of establishing itself. The new strategy for the association, called the SRIA, is in place but only in a version called 0.9, meaning it is not quite done yet.

The EOSC Association will represent European stakeholders and organizations in developing EOSC over the next few years. The end goal is for EOSC is to create smooth access to data and interoperable services across borders.