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The Knowledge Hub – a window into the EOSC-Nordic project


The EOSC-Nordic Knowledge Hub disseminates detailed project results to all stakeholder groups engaging in EOSC-Nordic. The majority of the project deliverables are reported and shared by the Knowledge Hub, including guidelines and recommendations from the different project themes, i.e., policy insights (WP2), e-Infrastructure services (WP3), FAIR data (WP4), and use cases (WP5). Keywords and topics are attached to all content, making it easy for the user to approach the information.

In addition to the offerings, the Knowledge Hub also contains services that are easy to use and come with the necessary support – an overview and a map of Nordic e-infrastructure Services and a service desk for quick and easy communication with users of the Knowledge Hub.

For the EOSC interested user, the EOSC-Nordic Knowledge Hub acts as an interface to the general EOSC community. As such, the user will find, e.g., links to formal reports by the EU and related EOSC projects and initiatives. Support is provided online using several channels to engage with the EOSC-Nordic community.

The final version of the Knowledge Hub was released at the third EOSC-Nordic Open Symposium on September 30, 2021, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visit the EOSC-Nordic Knowledge Hub.

Image: The artist Raakku’s interpretation of the Knowledge Hub. Raakku followed and drew at the ‘EOSC-Nordic Open Symposium’ on September 25, 2020.

The report D6.4: Establishment Report for the Knowledge Hub presents the process for the realisation of the Knowledge Hub. The report concludes with an outline of the next steps for the Knowledge Hub establishment, focusing on usage, outreach, sustainability, and synergy.

Read the deliverable on our Knowledge Hub.