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Yet another successful cross-training between EOSC-Nordic and the Galaxy team

Cecilie Maagaard Winther

In February there was a 5-day long training event showcasing a variety of Galaxy Training Network (GNT) tutorials. Day 5 was a re-take of the earlier training on FATES in November.

“What was new is that we had learners from many different countries such as South Africa, India, Bresil, China; far beyond Europe,” says Anne Claire Fouilloux, a research software engineer at NeIC and part of WP5.

The format was very different from a classical online teaching event, and the team had prepared lots of material in advance, in particular videos but also some Zoom Q&As and lots of Slack channels to guide and help the learners.

“Our target for this event as EOSC-Nordic was to present what we have done for the Nordics to a wider audience and see if it was also of interest for researchers outside the Nordics. We had several requests for using the tools on different geographical areas,” she says.

Anne Claire Fouilloux elaborates that the team will also participate in the 2021 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2021), which will be held online, and contribute as EOSC-Nordic.

“The format for teaching will be very similar, and we have created a roadmap with a list of improvements to be ready for the next round,” says Anne Claire Fouilloux.

You can read more about the event on the Galaxy Community Conference page.