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Programmatic access and resource provisioning of services deliverable published


Deliverable 3.4 focuses on programmatic access and resource provisioning of services. The main functional components of the EOSC-Nordic platform were established, and initial tests were performed to understand the feasibility of such a solution. Moreover, the deliverable provides an initial analysis of the costs for sustaining the EOSC-Nordic platform.

For services to be published and accessible in EOSC, they should first be open up on the national level. Once the service is potentially shareable inside the country, EOSC-Nordic support can assist in connecting to EOSC. When services are already aligned with national rules, the automation step is intended to serve both as a pre-boarding platform for services and provide methods for ordering the services and reporting on their consumption.
Eight main functional components are used for implementing the regional EOSC on-boarding and access platform. These components include service registry, regional service catalogue, order management, accounting, service desk, PID service, monitoring, and AAI. Unfortunately, there is no single IT solution that would fit all needs. Thus, several components should be used to deliver the required functionality. These components must be integrated into a common platform.

Composing and executing the analysis has led to several reflections on possible improvements and further work. The next principal target is to establish a clear method for integrating regional on-boarding platforms into core EOSC systems and make it easy and desirable for the service providers to be part of EOSC.

Programmatic access and automation, in general, can only assist in speeding up the implementation of processes and validation of services. The development of the platform is strongly affected by documents such as EOSC Sustainability and Rules of Participation. Therefore, the delay caused by the adoption of EOSC policies affects the development of EOSC-Nordic procedures.

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