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Service Interoperability Framework is published


Deliverable 3.3 aims at enhancing the interoperability of the Nordic and Baltic services that are relevant for EOSC.

An important objective of EOSC-Nordic WP3 is to support Nordic and Baltic service providers in enhancing the interoperability of services in cross-border environments. Another objective is to propose suggestions for the development of the EOSC interoperability framework.

Interoperability is a characteristic of an IT system to work with other IT systems in either implementation or access, without any restrictions. Awareness of interoperability issues may currently be out of scope for some of the service providers. However, these issues may have a long-term impact on the future of the service. To determine the state of the interoperability of services, WP3 compiled a list of 21 recommendations that would improve service interoperability across service providers. These recommendations were used to formulating a questionnaire composed of 35 questions intended to assess the services’ interoperability.

Six service providers were selected to analyze their services from an interoperability perspective. Three of them were HPC service providers, two were data management services, and one was a new service currently under development. All the cases were possible EOCS services.
Analysis of the gathered responses showed mixed results. The compliance to the interoperability issues differs significantly from service to service. Nevertheless, the study indicates that the services achieve overall medium-level adherence to the interoperability principles. The service providers demonstrated a high degree of awareness, insight, and responsiveness of the interoperability issue.

This work is a step closer to identifying which types of services are expected to comply with interoperability services. The analysis does potentially plot a course for the service providers themselves to identify areas that could improve. The questionnaire developed for this study may contribute towards interoperability efforts across EOSC.

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